Local Cannabis Expert Gives CanEx Thumbs Up

By JamaicaObserver.com

Local experts in the medical cannabis industry have given the thumbs up to the CanEx Jamaica Business Conference and Expo 2019, which will be staged at the Montego Bay Convention Centre in Rose Hall from September 26-28.

Ras Iyah V, who possesses a wealth of knowledge in the cannabis industry, noted since its inception four years ago, the business-to-business (B2B) conference has been unlocking business opportunities for local players in the industry through networking with their international counterparts.


“CanEx is a big event. It’s an expo and business conference. The business aspect of it needs to be emphasised. This is where people meet people and establish business relations, strike deals and those types of things. So CanEx is really the place that happen on a big scale in terms of people who come with connections or financial position that is crucial to the sector,” Ras Iyah V declared.

“There are opportunities for grassroot people to participate in the industry in a meaningful way.”

Director of the Cannabis Licensing Authority (CLA), Delano Seiveright is also full of praise for the event.

“CanEx is now in its fourth year and we are really pleased to see that it has continued to be an industry leader, certainly for the Caribbean and Latin America as a forum for business professionals, policymakers and other key decision makers to discuss issues related to the cannabis industry, not only in Jamaica but regionally, and also it has been an amazing forum for persons from all over the world of various walks of life to sit and collaborate and discuss and network across the board in the cannabis space,” Seiveright expressed.

“So it’s an important event, we are very pleased with its success, we are also pleased with the fact that it has been able to become a leading event of its kind in the region. Beyond that we are absolutely pleased with the leadership of Douglas Gordon and his team of course T’Shura Gibbs and others.”

Founded by Gordon, CanEx brings together cannabis industry professionals from over 20 countries across North America, the Caribbean, Europe, South and Central America and Africa to discuss the latest advances in the medicinal, health/wellness, legal, regulatory, business and investment landscapes. The event features presentations, panel discussions and exhibitions from experts, policymakers, researchers and businesspeople, and provides a professional platform for knowledge sharing and high-level business networking.

Gordon is promising a vibrant event with myriad ideas for exploration in the expanding legal cannabis industry this year.

CanEx Jamaica is the premier business-to-business conference in Latin America and the Caribbean and brings together cannabis industry professionals from across the world to share knowledge and discuss advances in the industry.

In 2018 the conference hosted some 1500 participants from 23 different countries, and this year, the organisers expect greater attendance.

“There are numerous opportunities for growth and investment in the cannabis industry and this conference will present business leaders, investors, cultivators, scientists, manufacturers and other potential stakeholders with a platform to explore the global marketplace,” Gordon said.

He added: “We expect participants from more than 30 countries representing a rich array of potential opportunities for partnership and collaboration.

“Our mission is not only to provide a memorable and robust cannabis conference in terms of content but also to ensure we curate and present the very best of the Caribbean. CanEx Jamaica will provide stakeholders with a platform to engage, share knowledge, and build valuable relationships with other interested stakeholders.”